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Plush Kutz Barber College
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David Williams

Shawanda Robinson, student

Shafarion McCorkle,

DaCameron Corpening, student

Oscor Flores Castro,
Razeeke Everhart, student

Andrea Magana, student

Abenezer Mamo, student
Phyllis Culbreath, student

George Keziah, student 

Josue Perez, student
Patrick Pogue, student
Stetson Johnson, student
Linda Teague, student

Kevin Lee, student 

Matt Miller, student

Johlae McCuistion, student

Pettis Mills, student

Toni Jones, student

Natalie Nino, student

LaToya Williams, student

Sam Velasquez, student

Ashley Lee, student

Eric Rodriguez, student

Luis Martinez-Neris, student
Quataye Smyre, student

Jorge Collado, student

Xue Yang, student

Tevin Lawing, student
Channing Finger, student

Ashley Montoya, student
Randall Williams, student
James Langston, student

Derek Lookadoo, student

Jeremy Huffman, student

Cierra Jones, student

Miguel Casanova, student
Jaterius Turner, student

Toni Canales, student

Chaston Lawing, student

Gavin Lail, student

Orlando Rangel, student

Adrian Wells, student

Ricky Stiles, student
Taina Gonzalez, student

Erica Hodge, student

Meagan Bushong, student

Alexis Paniagua, student

Caitlynn Withers, student

Bryan Walls, student

Haneef Dyches, student

Miriam Thomas, student
Chad Lail, student

Logan Devine, student

Chris Moose, student

Jacob Reese, student

Jordan Setzer, student

Quentin Watson, student

Gavin Morton, student
Zackary Flynn, student

Cole Durham, student

D'Angelo Burns, student

Jarae Millsaps, student
Joseph Abernathy, student
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